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​A message function that allows you to receive questions etc. anonymously

You can receive questions and support messages anonymously.

You can block messages from malicious users.

Messages containing the set NG words are automatically deleted.

▪︎Solicit messages and questions

Let's collect questions and messages on SNS etc. The message function can be sent anonymously.


▪︎Respond to messages and questions

You can share messages and answers to questions on SNS.


▪︎The measures are also perfect

Malicious user messages can be blocked. again,​ in advanceYou can also set NG words.

Private posting function that can limit people who can view it with password

Posts are automatically deleted in 24 hours.

A password is required to view private posts.

You can see who has seen your private posts.

You can control who can see your posts.

▪︎ Share secret posts

Private posts cannot be viewed without entering the set password (password). You can share posts that are not usually posted on SNS etc. with only a limited number of people who know the password.


▪︎ Promoting communication with followers

To see your private posts, you need to know the password you set.

Using passwords to further activate communication on SNSYou can


▪︎ Use as a simple profit system

It may be possible to earn a simple profit by setting the price by the contributor himself when conveying the password (password) on SNS etc. Of course, even if you generate revenue, you will not be charged a fee for private posts.

A unique recommendation system to increase the exposure of your page

Recommendation fields are constantly updated.

It is calculated based on a unique algorithm based on the number of accesses, number of likes, number of views of private posts, etc.

▪︎ Link anywhere

The created +L!NK page is link-free. You can post anywhere. The more people you visit, the more people will know you.


▪︎The more you know, the more you know

+L!NK recommendation(Recommendation) The system aggregates recommended pages based on the number of accesses, number of likes, number of views of private posts, etc.


+L!NK is ready to follow up with some great talent. Popular pages should be known by more people.

Already used by many influencers​

Pink Sugar

All features completely free

Freely editable at any time


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